Douglas Shivley Sycamore Tree Painting

Douglas Shivley Sycamore Tree Painting
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Douglas M. Shively was born in Santa Paula, California on April 10, 1896. Following World War One, he was educated at the University of California. He took some art courses at Occidental College but was essentially a self-taught artist. Active in Santa Paula civic affairs. He made many sketching trips throughout southern California. A successful painter, he sold 942 paintings from 1930-84. Shiveley lived in Santa Paula until his death in 1991.

The art of Douglas Shively is well known among local art collectors. He is often referred to as "Mr. Sycamore," after the graceful trees that occupy many of his landscapes, but the subjects of his paintings also include many recognizable Ventura County vistas, the beautiful terrain typical of California's many regions. His beloved Sycamore trees are not just incidental scenic details but become the heroic protagonists of bold paintings .

Even after a stroke left the artist unable to paint with his former exactitude, his will to paint prevailed. The resulting work is far rougher, as seen in the elemental horizontal swipes of brushwork in his 1989 work. His imagery pushes more toward abstraction than his earlier, more realist work, however much the result of physical limitations rather than aesthetic choices. This unique painting may have been left unfinished due to his limitations, but entered in his last exhibit in 1989.

Dimensions are approximate: 30 inches length by 24 inches width