Pair of Catalina Tile Terracotta Pots

Pair of Catalina Tile Terracotta Pots
Item# pair-of-catalina-tile-terracotta-pots

Product Description

This pair of large terracotta hexagon shaped pots adorned with shards of very nice new Catalina tile have become a personal favorite. The line work of the tiles is excellent. These planting pots were made as a result of the Northridge Earthquake, which broke many tiles in an artist studio. We estimate that the planting pots and tiles are 15-20 years old. The pots are in good condition. There are 25-30 tile shards on each side of the hexagon. These pots would be a great addition to that perfect garden or vintage California outdoor room.

Dimensions are approximate: 20 inches width by 17 inches inside width by 20 inches high.