Weller Art Nouveau Vase

Weller Art Nouveau Vase
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This rare and very unusual American art pottery vase by Weller signed by the Frenchman, Jacque Sicard. Jacque Sicard worked in France for the renowned French artist Massier. Sam Weller upon seeing his work recruited Jacque Sicard to come to the United States to create his own line to compete with the iridescent glass made by Tiffany. Jacque Sicard created an iridescent pottery titled SICARDO between the years 1903 to 1905. He then returned to France & his secret was never revealed.

This 6 inch vase is signed Weller and Sicardo. Condition is very good with very light use. This piece was stored for many years in a blanket chest. No repairs chips or cracks. Variation does occur in the design and finish of the vase. The vase has a copper luster glaze base with a metallic overlay.